Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chabad Part II

It was a very interesting meeting.

As I expected he does not agree with a lot of what Rav Laitman says. We hashed out a few things, he gave me some candles for Shabbat, asked me to sign up for his weekly news letter and said he'd like to meet with me again. and that it was a very meaningful conversation.He actually tried to cancel at the last minute and later admitted that he was very skeptical about meeting with me. I really surprised him. I deliberately didn't tell him what I wanted to talk about or who I actually was. I wanted it to be a spontaneous conversation.

One thing he did clear up for me is that I should finish my degree and let the serious Kabbalah study wait until after I'm done with that.

All in all I'd say it went well and it was one more step in the direction of reconnecting with my roots.

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